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Health and wellbeing reports

Local authorities have a duty to improve the health of their population and reduce inequalities. Rotherham MBC now employs a specialist public health team, headed up by a director of public health, to champion health across the whole of the Council’s activities, promoting healthier lifestyles and scrutinising and challenging the NHS and other partners to promote better health and ensure threats to health are addressed.

The focus of the 2015/16 annual report form Rotherham’s director of public health is 'starting and growing well'. The report looks at children and young people’s health through a life-course approach, from pregnancy and birth, through school years into young adulthood. It details some of the work which is being done to address the inequalities in health experienced in Rotherham and suggests what could be done to make further improvements.

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The NHS also publish a number of reports for public viewing.

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Other bodies have also produced reports, such as Sheffield Hallam University's 'Warm Well Families' report.

Sheffield Hallam University report